02 April 2018

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Use of VLookup in Excel

Today, Let’s learn about VLookup function in Excel. Most of the people are confused in these functions. They think that this formula is hard to use. In the corporate world, VLookup formula is very useful.

Usage: The VLOOKUP function can be used to find an exact match in the lookup column.

lookp_valuesIt is the value to be found in the row
table_arrayIt is the range of table
row_index_numIt is the row number in table array from which the matching value will be returned
range_lookupIt is a local value. To find the closest match in the top row.Value can be True for Approximate Match and False for Exact Match.

Let’s understand this function with an example. I have 5 employees data as below:


From the table, I want to get the Mobile number of Kartik. To achieve this, the values for VLOOKUP() will be as below:

row_index_num3 which is column number of MOBILE NUMBER
range_lookupHere value must be FALSE because I want to perform EXACT MATCH.

Let’s feed given values to the formula. So final formula will be as below:

When you run the above formula, you will get “9912345678” as an answer. Similarly, let’s we want to print Princy’s salary. To achieve that we are required to change two parameter’s value in the formula


Output for the above formula is “20000“.

That’s all done.

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